Magnolia Springs Cemetery

A cemetery owned and maintained by Clay County

Magnolia Springs ObeliskMagnolia Springs is a one acre cemetery in Green Cove Springs Florida. It was once maintained by the Methodist Episcopal Church (which later became the United Methodist Church). The church deeded the property to Clay County in 2008.

The cemetery is located near where the important Magnolia Springs Hotel once stood. The hotel served as a resort, a convalescent home, an asylum for free black children after the Civil War, and later housed the Florida Military Academy.

All of the tombstones had disappeared and no records exist; however, in February, 2010 the Clay County Historical Commission installed a granite obelisk to commemorate veterans of the War Between the States. In addition, the Veterans Administration provided replacement markers for known Civil War veterans (markers are not indicative of grave locations). A flagpole was graciously donated by the City of Green Cove Springs

Blue & GrayIn 2009, the County fenced the property. While the gate is usually open, access can be requested from the County Manager or the County Archivist.

Most grave marker information comes from early Latter Day Saints efforts. However, it appears that some graves on the Magnolia Springs list may have actually been at the nearby Pleasant Point cemetery. Or, it may be, that for some reason, graves were actually moved. Volunteers from the Archives keep interment information up to date at

The cemetery is "inactive" -- no burials have taken place recently.

Any information you have about the cemetery would be greatly appreciated.

One photo of the original obelisk survives. It had already disappeared by 1958.

Ground Penetrating Radar

GPR ScreenThe Historical Commission teamed with FPAN (Florida Public Archaeology Network) to partially survey the cemetery using GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar). This work confirmed that graves exist in the cemetery, but were not present where the obelisk, flagpole and fencing was installed.


Obelisk Installation Ceremony

Gayward HendryThe Historical Commission (now called the preservation board held a ceremony in 2011.

The obelisk was crafted by Russell Haven of Rest of Georgia Granite.

Blue & Gray reinactors honored the day with their presence.

Obelisk InstallThe Clerk of the Court and members of the Historical Commission were on hand.