Finding your way around Clay County

Sorting through more than seven hundred maps can be challenging, so volunteers have prepared indexes to help you find what you are looking for. A gazetteer of place names may come in handy as you find place names you are unfamiliar with, or want to know spelling variations to search. Use the links provided here to go to the appropriate set of maps.

Historical Maps

Archives Map Collection. These maps are not yet available online, but we are happy to retrieve them for you at the Archives.

First Territorial Survey (1830s). Here we have links to the online maps, and have transcribed the various owners, roads and other features.

Second Tract Maps (1860s-1910s), for lack of a better description, apparently recorded grants and sales over a period of time. They are difficult to date exactly. LInks to online maps are provided.

Catalog by Township and Range of all maps at the Archives

Links to Historical Map Images in Online Repositories. All of these maps are shown online.

Land Grants: British and Spanish and Territorial

Aerial Photographs, beginning in 1943. Some are available online and some are at the Archvies.

A small set of miscellaneous maps is located at the Clerk's Vault. These have not yet been cataloged.

Relatively Recent Maps

Maps of the County's road right of ways are available online at the Clerk's site.

Recorded plat maps are available online at the Clerk's site. To browse through the plat books, click on "book / page" in the blue box towards the left, and then choose a book tye of "plats". To search for a plat, click on "name" in the blue box towards the left, type at least three letters of the area you are searching for in the name field, like "KIN", and then type "PL" as the Document Type.

The County's GIS Mappings system allows you to see parcel data, contour elevations, neighborhood plat outlines, schools, firehouses, lights and signs and other information.

The Property Appraiser maintains a GIS a current parcel map and aerial photos are available from 2006, 2008, and 2009.