Oral Interviews of Clay Countians


The Archives is pleased to present oral histories of people active in Clay County.

The first exhibit of Clay oral histories was certainly unique. An old pay phone booth at the museum in Green Cove Springs played tapes of interviews when you picked up the phone. Well, times have changed, and we know offer the oral histories in searchable, digital form. More complete information about the interviews is available from the Archivist.

The Interviews.

Thanks to the Clay Countians who have given permission to tell their stories. And to Mary Jo McTammany who has transcribed many of them.

Maude Burroughs Jackson



Burroughs Jackson, Maude

[also an article]





Chalker, Martha A.

(towards the middle of a Middleburg history)

Coker, Neil

Cross, Martin

(WPA Oral Interview, bought wood at Black Creek), available at the Archives

Hall, Margaret

S. Bryan Jennings., Jr.




Jennings, S. Bryan




Johns, Floyd

Lycurgus, Edward

(WPA Oral Interview, Fleming slave family)

Mami Oliver



Oliver, Mami





Eugene Permenter at FMA


Permenter. Eugene




Philips, Elizabeth

(WPA Oral Interview of widow of Judge Bethune, descendant of G. W. Branning)

Sara Lynn Boe SmithSmith, Sara Lynn Boe







Ann WilliamsonWilliamson, Ann

In addition, an interview with a former CCC employee who worked at Gold Head is in existence at the State Archive of Florida.


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