Subject Files maintained at the Archives

The Subject Files (SUBJ) are a primary reason that visitors come to the Archives. They are a set of vertical files containing any conceivable form of document related to Clay County, and have been maintained for more than forty years. Subjects and include clippings, family histories, military records, essays, etc.

During the last several years, volunteers have been refining the arrangement so that it now cover more than 1,000 subjects. More interesting documents have been numbered and indexed. A small number of curious or important documents have been digitized.

Subject files are also available at the Fleming Island Library, Putnam County Main Library in Palatka, the Florida Memories project, and the Georgia Names File.which indexes the Georgia.

Our collection is divided into series as described below


Historical buildings and homes have files containing information about National Register of Historic Places, Florida Master Site File, newspaper clippings, photos, etc.

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Arranged alphabetically by business. A wide range of businesses is covered, stretching even into timber, turpentine and farming.

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All loose documents in the Archives related to cemeteries is stored in the Cemetery series. Besides the Subject Files, Interment Lists and Veteran Interments lists are also available.

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All loose documents in the Archives related to churches. Several church history books in the Reading Room are shown next to the related church on the Church page.


Community files like "Hibernia," "Laurel Grove," "Middleburg," etc are arranged alphabetically.

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Elections & Politics

This series contains a somewhat incohesive arrangement of information about intriguing campaigns, elections, and personalities.

Events & Celebrations

Files of clippings and documents related to the organizing and executioon of events. Some of the events are historical in nature (The 150th anniversary of the county, or the Nation's Bicentennial) and some are seasonal (4th of July). In some cases, the organizing committee's papers are retained.



This is the largest series of materials, containing 400 subjects related either to families or individuals. Arranged alphabetically by surname.

A few files have become so large, such as the Forrester family, that they are stored in separate containers. In addition, a large number of family histories are available in the Reading Room.

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General History



You might also be interested in "Who's Who Politically Speaking in Clay County," which documents the various elected officials in Clay County. Available at the Archives.


Each historical hotel's information is collected in its own file. Besides the subject files, the Magnolia Springs hotel has been researched in such depth that a binder of source material is available at the Archives.

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Law Enforcement

This series contains the files of the Old Courthouse and Old Jail restoration projects. In addition, files are kept on infamous crimes.

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Within the military series, files are arranged alphabetically within three classes:

* Veterans

* Wars

* Military Locations

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As the Archives received various items related to schools, they are sorted into the appropriate schools files, which are arranged alphabetically.

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