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Transportation & Waterways

Clay County is full of communities impacted by water, both positively and negatively.  From transportation to recreation, the waters of the St. Johns River, Black Creek, Doctor’s Lake, Swimming Pen Creek, and the many lakes of Keystone Heights tell the story of our founding and impact us greatly even today. Decades of storms and the impact of flooding on many homes and businesses exist. Early settlers depended on water-based travel.  However, the arrival of the railroad to Clay County also shaped our county’s future by providing an alternate transportation method. 

Archives Specialist Vishi Garig recently compiled information and photos into a booklet we call “Clay County History Tour – Stories from the Water’s Edge“.  In addition to checking out the content on the pages linked below, please also enjoy this article which summarizes some of the many ways the waterways flowing through our county impacted our lives through the decades. 

A map of Civil War era Railroads, 1864
Middleburg Ferry
The May Garner Steamboat