Fort Heileman, Florida

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Welcome to the Ft. Heileman Educators Website.

Ft. Heileman served as a supply depot for the United States Army during the Second Seminole War, 1835-1842.

The fort's purpose was primarily administrative rather than defensive, but frightened settlers arrived in droves as Seminoles attacked farms in neighboring counties.  The fort was never involved in a battle, but the military presence gave the local populace great psychological comfort.

This website offers primary source materials from the Library of Congress plus secondary source readings, and student activities based on those documents, for K-12 teachers.  The activities are based on the Florida Sunshine State Standards.

The primary materials tell a story from establishing the fort in 1836 until it closed in 1841.  The impact it had on the area was both positive and negative.  Local residents carried on with their lives while over a thousand refugees camped out in miserable conditions until the fighting moved southward late in 1840.
The lesson plans provide an overview of the Seminole Wars and the role of the fort in the conflict.  Readings and assignments for all but the K-2 grades refer to one or more of the primary documents, plus material from educational websites.