Historical Churches O-Z

Oak Grove Baptist Church

Oak Grove Baptist Church

A church history is available in the Subject Files at the Archives.

Orange Park Episcopal

Orange Park Episcopal

Orange Park United Methodist

Orange Park United Methodist

Oakland Baptist Church

One mile south of the Rideout Ferry.

Constituted 1915. First services in Pine Grove school house, a brown frame building. It met once each month and became defunct in 1918. The two pastors were P. A. Robinson (1915-1916) and J. F. McBride (1917-1918).

Peoria Baptist Church

Constituted 1914. First met in a white frame school house. In 1940, there were 58 members. First pastor was J. F. McBride.

Ridgewood Baptist Church

A church history is available in the Subject Files at the Archives.

Russell Baptist Church

Constituted 1916. First services were in a brown school house, which was later purchased by the church. In 1940, it met once per month and 65 members. The first pastor was J. F. McBride. (from WPA)

Plantation Church (Orange Park)

Orange Park Plantation Church

Penney Memorial Church

Penney Memorial Church

Sacred Heart Church (Green Cove Springs)

A history of the church, “Sacred Heart Church: History 1874 to 1974,” is available at the Archives.

Salem Baptist Church

Sharon Baptist Church was organized November 15, 1885 at the Sharon school house. First affiliated with the Santa Fe River Assoc., later the St. Johns River Baptist Assoc., and in 1913 in the Black Creek Baptist Association. In 1939 there were 22 members and 12 baptisms. By the 1940s the church had closed. From 1950 through 1953 the Battens, Moodys and Varnes began holding fellowships there.

From 1955 through 1967, the church met each fifth Sunday, so that preachers could come when their other odd and even church circuits weren’t holding services. In 1968 the church was electrified and a new restroom was installed.

In 1978 it was discovered that burials had occurred on Union Camp property outside of the church’s deed. They weren’t with Union Camp, who agreed to some property adjustments so that no reinternments would be required.

Sharon Church

“Sharon, The Community, Church and Cemetery,” by Helen M. Burney is available at the Archives.

Rarely called Sharron Church.

Shiloah Baptist Church

Brother Dennis Glisson organized the church in 1906 in the Silos Brown School house located one mile south of where it was moved to its present location in 1908. Will Sikes donated one acre. O. B. Budington donated the timber which was cut at V. G. Hall and J. L. Noble’s mill. By 1930, two Sunday school rooms had been added.

The new church was built in 1947. J. P. Hall, Sr. had donated two more acres of land. Sunday school rooms were added in 1950

Springbank Baptist

A church history is available in the Subject Files of the Archives.

St. Catherine’s Catholic Church (Orange Park)

Built 1877

St. James AME Church

St. James AME Church

St. Lukes Missionary Baptist Church

St. Luke's Missionary Baptist Church

The Historical Commission held a meeting at the “new” church. Here is the first one.

St. Margarets (Hibernia)

St. Margarets (Hibernia) Church

“St. Margaret’s 18th Annual Tour & Tea” is available at the Archives.

St. Marks Missionary Baptist Church

A church history is available in the Subject Files at the Archives.

St. Marys Episcopal Church (Green Cove Springs)

Green Cove Springs St. Mary's Episcopal Church

Built in 1878. First pastor was Rev. Aspinwall. The congregation continued to meet in the original structure.

The Black Creek Baptist Association

Map of the Black Creek Baptist Association Churches

Extracted from the WPA Inventory of the Church Archives of Florida, 1940.

Hickory Grove is the oldest church in the Association. The Association was probably organized in 1913 with Black Creek, Black Pond, Evergreen, Highland and Salem. In 1914 were added Gaden City, Peoria and Caleb. In 1915: Oakland, Manderville, Shiloh, Mount Zion, Marietta, Maxville. In 1916: Russell and Long Branch. In 1917: Switzerland and Middleburg. In 1919: Lackawanna and Oak Branch. In 1920: Mill Branch. In 1925: Orange Park. In 1932: Macedonia.



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