Lecture Series

The Archives offers a series of Clay County historical lectures that are perfect for the classroom or for organizational meetings. The Archivist, Vishi Garig {add link here} regularly lectures at the Shepard Center of Orange Park, classrooms, libraries, historical societies and the like. These lectures are free and available to the public. All you need to do is schedule the Archivist to come and speak at your classroom or organization. A list of available lectures is free for the asking.

If you have a specific interest in something, the Archivist may be able to prepare a lecture on that. Also educators, lectures can be tailored to different grade levels. Examples of some lectures topics are the Civil War in Clay County, Dr. Yerkes and the “Monkey Farm”, Mary Helen Hoff and the POW/MIA Flag, Clay County Native Americans, Spanish and British land Grants and so on. A list of available lectures is free for the asking at clay archives@clayclerk.com.

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