Jacksonville, Tampa & Key West Railroads


Orange Park

The Town pre-dates the railroad and was developed by Washington G. Benedict and his Florida Winter Home & Improvement Co. In 1877.

Orange Park Railroad Depot

Another angle of the Orange Park Railroad Depot



Doctors Inlet

Doctors Inlet Railroad Depot

Black Creek (Station)

Just North of Black Creek

Fleming / Russell

Russell Railroad Depot


This station was apparently only in operation in 1929.

Magnolia Springs

The most exquisite station in the county, complete with architecturally interesting building, fountains and gardens — all to attract guests to the Magnolia Springs Hotel.
Magnolia Springs Railroad Depot

Green Cove Springs

Green Cove Springs was the busiest station in the county, and warranted a side track to accommodate all the cars.

An illustration of the Green Cove Springs railroad depot

Another illustration of the Green Cove Springs railroad depot


Melrose Crossing


West Tocoi

A photo of the West Tocoi Railroad Depot

Another photo of the West Tocoi railroad depot

The Shortline from Magnolia Springs to Green Cove

The Hay Burner

A rail line ran from the Magnolia Springs Hotel dock to the JT&KW station. It also ran to Green Cove Springs and onto the pier. The Hay Burner was, most likely, a tourist attraction for hotel guests, and it is also likely that small freight cars carried firewood and other steamboat dunnage.

Middleburg Lumber Co.

Locomotive No. 1 is the only one made for Middleburg Lumber Co. By Glover Manufacturing. It was an 0-6-0 (all wheels powered) standard gauge, built in 1913. The photo was probably taken at their plant. What tracks it ran on in Clay County are unknown.

It is unknown if the Middleburg Lumber Co was affiliated with the MH&LB railroad.

A photo of Middleburg Lumber Co.

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