Green Cove Springs Sawmills

Borden Sawmill

John G. Borden advertises his sawmill for sale in The Spring, Dec 20, 1890.

Perhaps at Walkill.

Clinch Sawmill

“Animal powered” saw mill (see pg 366 of “Reports of Cases Argued…, Vol 33” )

Darby & Savage

This mill opened in 1870s on the south side of Governors Creek. For a brief time, a shortline railroad ran across the creek to service it. It continued to operate until Dowling-Shands Lumber Company bought it in 1911.

Dowlings Mill

Green Cove Springs. See “Green Cove Springs,” pg 86

Dowling Lumber Mill

From Parade of Memories, pg 213: After Dowling and Shands bought the property in 1911, it continued to make lumber, barrels and shingles. There were sixty cottages for workers. J. C. Penney and his Florida Farms and Industries bought everything but the mill in 1921.

The mill was purchased by Farquhar Machinery and it burned in 1925. Oral histories indicate the sawdust continued to burn for many years.


Doyle, Elmer

Archie McTaggart, of Copenhagen, spent winter at cousin Elmer Doyle in GCS. Fatally injured at his new mill (The Spring, October 29, 1905)

Eddy, V. D.

Sawmill owner (Parade of Memories, pg 168 & 171). Probably in Green Cove Springs.

Hall and Noble’s Mill

In 1906, V. G. Hall and J. L. Noble’s mill cut the timber donated by O. B. Budington to make lumber for the Shiloah Baptist Church.

Neff’s Sawing and Planing Mill

Shown on map CCA101810 in Green Cove Springs

Rivers Mill

Shown on map CCA101810 in Green Cove Springs. A place name in the 1910 census.

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