Sawmills in Other Locations

Burlington Sawmill

A 100 tract of the McIntosh estate at Laurel Grove. Sold to H. R. Sadler, Sr. in 1853. McIntosh also had Sugar Works.

Fewkes Mill

Near Sandhill Lake..

BCC Minutes show a petition from citizens of Lakeside for a voting precinct at Fewkes mill, sec 29, township 7, range 23. signed by Joseph T. Fewkes, John H. Picton, John W. Dean, James Strickland, John Coleman, Henry Moore, Moses Coleman, C. B. Griffis, Henry Bristow, Benjamin Lee, Manning Griffis, Moses Coleman, Jr., Manning Griffis, Jr., Sam Beardsley, Harvey Jarret, W. Nelson, James Hillyer, E. H. Roberts

Fouts Mill

In southwest Clay County. A place name in the 1910 census. Probably owned by Martin Fouts. BCC Minutes show a voting precinct was moved from Piney Grove to Fouts Mill.

Horton, Henry H.

Owned a sawmill that could spit out 7,500 board feet of lumber per day. (Parade of Memories, pg 142)

Magnolia Steam Mill (Magnolia Mills)

A saw mill may have existed at Magnolia Springs as early as the first Thomas Travers grant. It is shown on the Bien 1865 map.

Joseph Summerlin had a sawmill there in 1853 (Parade of Memories, pg 65).

Pengree, William

Shown in the Spanish Land Grant located at the St. Johns River State College tract, where there is an artesian spring of considerable flow.


Kingsley, Zephaniah — at Tulula Springs

Usually called Spring Field. See Early History, pg 85 for photo. Completed by 1824.

Orange Park area

Joe Winney was injured in a sawmill, perhaps at Orange Park, June 18, 1899. (Florida Times Union)

Rigley’s Mill

Mouth of Black Creek, FHQ, Vol 38, No 2

Underwood, John

The WPA’s Inventory of the County Archives of Florida indicated John Underwood had a mill at Black Creek as early as 1805. This Black Creek is at the St. Mary’s River, and not in Clay County. (See a Spanish Land Grant at the St. Mary’s River)

San Lebrydo Lumber

San Lebrydo personnel posing with a tug boat and lumber

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