Fields of Sport

Drag Racing at Thunderbolt Raceway

Photo of the Ronnie Roberson Race Team

A photo of a car drag racing

Fishing on Lake Geneva

Fish caught in Lake Geneva

Greyhound Racing at the Orange Park Kennel Club

Dog racing at the Orange Park Kennel Club


Harness Racing

Harness horse racing, 1946

Horse Racing

Perhaps the earliest known “organized” sport in the county was at Shakerag (on the Bellamy Road in Melrose). Apparently a starter would shake a rag to get the race going.

Horse racing was also fun on the dirt road which is now CR220 on Fleming Island.

Hunting (at the Ridgeworth Shooting Preserve, Orange Park)

Two hunters with a hunting dog

Rodeo at the Fair

A bull-rider riding a bull during a rodeo


Personalities (this section is under construction – new content coming soon).

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