Subject Files Maintained at the Archives


Subject Files are a primary reason visitors come to the Clay County Archives. They are a set of vertical files containing any conceivable form of document related to Clay County, and have been maintained for more than forty years. Subjects files include clippings, family histories, military records, essays and more.

During the last several years, volunteers refined the arrangement so that it now covers more than 1,000 subjects. More interesting documents have been numbered and indexed. A small number of curious or important documents were digitized.

Subject Files are also available at the Fleming Island Library, Putnam County Main Library in Palatka, the Florida Memories project, and the Georgia Names File which indexes Georgia.



While, not strictly speaking, a museum, the Clay County Archives does retain many artifacts of various description. These have been arranged into attractive displays both in the Archives building and at the Old Courthouse.


Besides our up-to-date catalog, the “County Archives for Clay” is a WPA era publication describing the Clerk’s office and Clay County at that time. Available at the Archives.

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