The Hotel Era N-Z

Park View Hotel

Orange Park. Previously called Hotel Marion, it was later purchased by Moosehaven and became Brandon Hall.

Palmetto House

Green Cove Springs. See Hooper’s “Clay County,” pg 68.


Orange Park. Burned April 2, 1881 (see A. M. Reed Diary)


Green Cove Springs


An illustration of the Qui-Si-Sana hotel

The Qui-Si-Sana, in Green Cove Springs, worked hard to upstage Magnolia Springs, and featured a casino. Torn down in 2002 to build the new Town Hall.

Rivercraft (Rivercroft)

(The St. Elmo, The Morganza)

The Rivercraft (Rivercroft) Hotel

Seminole Hotel (The Tyler House)

Photo in Hooper’s “Clay County,” pg 75.

Sparhawk (Orange Park)

The Sparhawk Hotel

St. Clair Hotel

The St. Clair Hotel, 1873

Built by Theodore Edgerton in 1873. 50 rooms.

A brochure is available at the Florida State Library in Tallahassee (OCLC 43678884).

St. Elmo

See Rivercraft

Union Hotel

Green Cove Springs. Accommodations for fifty guests. (Parade of Memories, pg 125). Built by Joseph D. Mitchell. Sold to Theodore T. Edgerton in 1873. He tore it down and built the St. Clair.

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