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Towns & Settlements

For a small county, we’ve sure accumulated plenty of settlements and towns over the years. As you’re reading various historical sources, you may find it helpful to refer to this page for some context about various places you come across.

See also Land Grants, most of which did not receive names. Acknowledgement is given to David Rumsey’s map collection, along with the many public map archives linked below.

So far, the place names have been cataloged until about 1920. Research continues on the following:

  • Plat maps
  • Map CCA101810: Clarkville, Clay Hill, Durham, Ellaville, Ellsville, Fellowship Park, Maxville, Montezuma, Neilhurst, New Lawtey, Register Bridge, Sungarden, Virginia Village, Yellow Water
  • Map CCA101810 Schools: Brownsville, Bulman, Dowling Bridge, Grove Park, Hickmon Ford, Pine Grove, Pine Level, Providence, River’s Mill, Rose Hill, Station Pond, Swimming Pen, Taylor Landing
  • Place Name Spreadsheet: Peer Station, Leghee, Doctors Lake, Moosehaven, Fout’s Mill, Pass Station, Camp Blanding, Gold Head, Hatcherville, Hewitt, Waterloo
  • Fl State Archives Nautical Chart
  • Cemetery Subject Files
  • School board minutes
  • Ferry landings