Ghosts in the Old Jail

One of the oldest jails in Florida sits in the heart of historic Green Coves Springs, Florida. Huge oak trees covered with Spanish moss surround the old jail. The white stucco walls and tin roof harkens back to a bygone era. It may look peaceful from the outside but what’s inside may surprise the unwary. You see, the old jail is haunted. Feel free to take a paranormal brochure.
First built in 1894 the old jail was in service till 1972. During that time at least five documented executions have occurred on the front steps of the jail. Death was by hanging.

The jail housed the insane, juveniles, men and women. At least one sheriff was assassinated and his body was dragged into the jail, where it lay bleeding on the floor. One deranged inmate slit his own throat. Another man stabbed himself to death on the lawn of the courthouse/jail complex.
First investigated in 2009 by C.A.P.E. Paranormal Investigations, the old Clay County Jail has proven itself to be a hotbed of paranormal activity.

Many other local and nationally recognized paranormal investigators such as the Jacksonville Paranormal Research Society & RIP Team, Scott Tepperman of Ghost Hunters International, and Patrick Burns have all explored the creepy cells decorated with peeling paint, cobwebs and empty rusting bunks. The CW 17 television show “Local Haunts” filmed its pilot episode at the jail.
Investigators have consistently recorded electronic voice phenomena (EVP) in the empty cells. Disembodied voices, footsteps, shuffling of feet, the sound of cell doors creaking open have all been experienced. Cameras have caught unexplained apparitions and photographs show unexplained anomalies. And most creepy of all, the jailbirds like to touch the investigators.

The Old Jail is located at 21 Gratio Place and S. R. 16, Green Cove Springs. The jail now houses the Clay County Archives. If you would like to have your paranormal research team investigate the Old Jail please contact Vishi Garig, the Archivist at 904-371-0027.