The Hotel Era A-M


An illustration of the Clarendon Hotel
The Clarendon opened in December, 1871. Together with its two cottages, it accommodated 200 guests.

Gleave House

Green Cove Springs. Owned by Stanislaus Glinski, and previously by Emily Barbino. (Parade of Memories, pg 125)


A postcard of The Hibernia Hotel
This postcard is one of the only images which shows the Fleming house as the Hibernia Hotel. It lists Mrs. F. Fleming as the proprietress.

Keystone Inn

Built in 1923 on Lake Geneva.

Magnolia Springs

The Magnolia Springs hotel

The County now maintains a cemetery that happened to be on the property. It was located where the St. Johns Landing Apartments now stand.

Middleburg Lodge

The Middleburg Lodge


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